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Run Your Trading Strategy Through These Six Success Filters Before Investing Any Of Your Hard-Earned Money

#1 Verifiable Track Record

Most trading strategies simply do not have a verifiable track record of profitability. The instructor or trader will simply “cherry pick” the winners and hide the losers… never consistently sharing their verifiable portfolio P&L. If they do share their P&L, it might only be a spreadsheet that is easy to fudge or they might not share their full account statement since inception.

Would you trust a surgeon without a track record of successful surgeries? I hope not. 

So why would you trust a trading educator who cannot provide a verifiable track record of consistent trading success? 

The Safe Wheel Strategy™ has a proven track record of success. I share the system’s full P&L highlighting both the wins and losses each and every week on my YouTube channel. (I also share it in the video above)

Some might say they have a better trading strategy with better returns than today’s strategy…but, again, ask them to share their “Real P&L”

It shocks me that many trading strategies simply don't contain an “edge” which reliably creates a cash advantage over other market players

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, then you shouldn’t compete

The Safe Wheel Strategy™  exploits the “option premiums seller’s edge.” I explain this edge later down on the page 

Even if a trading strategy contains a clearly explained edge, many educators won't give you clear etched-in-stone rules that you can implement to exploit said trading edge.

The Safe Wheel Strategy™  has clear, black & white rules on:  What to trade When & how to enter When to exit. This eliminates all emotions when trading. 

The unfortunate reality is most “trading plans” taught online are subjective. They might seem objective but the educator typically leaves just enough “gray area” for discretion. This creates excuses for the educator to justify why they are successful and you are not. The fact is you cannot back-test subjectivity. 

If cannot backtest then you cannot create any kind of predictive model that you can be confident in investing in. You want to avoid subjectivity at all costs because you’ll make different decisions at different times and get different outcomes.

The Safe Wheel Strategy™ is 100% objective. There is zero discretion involved and the rules are 100% mechanical rules for entry and exits. This takes the emotions out of trading.

Time Commitment: Unlike many trading strategies, the Safe Wheel Strategy™creates time not just money. Nobody wants another full time job. This strategy can be executed in as little as 15 min a week from your smartphone

Non-Directional Trading: Even better, this strategy works In all market environments. It doesn’t matter if it's a Bull Market, a Sideways Market, a Grind-Down Market, or a Crash… you’ll sleep well at night knowing that your money is safe. 

Support:  Many trading educators don't even trade the system they teach you let alone answer your individual trading questions. The Safe Wheel Masterclass is different. Not only do I trade this strategy, I'll also trade it alongside you live every week AND send you the exact trades I take. If that's not enough, I will answer any question you have about this system on our weekly live trading session or in the trading community.

#3 Trading Edge

#4 Trading Rules

#5 Objectivity > Subjectivity

Many “overarching” trading strategies have a very low likelihood of success…this includes day trading, penny stocks, FOREX, crypto, etc…

Everyone loves a good story and having someone tell you that they “turned $10,000 into millions” makes you think that you can too!

But the reality is that most individuals lose with these strategies. I have yet to meet a consistently profitable day trader. If you know one, please send me an email verifying their profitability.

The Safe Wheel Strategy™ leverages options where statistical edges are proven. More importantly, it's repeatable and easy to replicate so your likelihood of success skyrockets…

No subjective technical analysis or “magic wand” indicator that we all know are BS.

#2 Likelihood of Success

#6 Bonus Filters

BONUS #5: Weekly Safe Wheel Trade Alerts (Limited Availability)

"Follow Each of My Real Money Safe Wheels Trades In Real-Time"

Ultimately my goal is to help you become a self-sufficient and profitable options trader. 

Since I trade the Safe Wheel Strategy™ in my own accounts (and I have nothing to hide) I figure it'd be helpful if I send you my real-money trades while you continue to learn this strategy for yourself. 

You’ll be sent trade alerts directly to your inbox and smartphone device whenever a trade is opened, managed or closed.

The alert will include which stock I am trading, the exact option contracts, the ideal entry prices... then I’ll alert you when I close out the trade.

In essence, I will be TEACHING you to fish and GIVING you the fish while you learn… 

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BONUS #3: Weekly Safe Wheel Live Trading + Q&A Sessions

"Watch Me Trade The Safe Wheel Strategy LIVE Each Week"

LIVE TRADING workshops every Monday morning!

I don't just tell you how to trade options successfully...I SHOW YOU! 

Most companies will charge you an arm and a leg for this... but I included these live sessions fro FREE include when you join the Safe Wheel Trading Masterclass.

On these sessions, you’ll get instant feedback on any question regarding the Safe Wheel Strategy. You can interact with me and other traders so you can continue to sharpen your skills. I’ll even let you watch me trade LIVE. 

In my opinion, they're even more valuable than the entire challenge because I will be live on your computer to guide you and get your questions, answered instantly.

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BONUS #4: The Safe Wheel Trading Community 

"Never Trade Alone Again"

When you join the "Safe Wheel Trading Masterclass" you'll also get free lifetime access to the Safe Wheel trading community. 

This thriving community is your go-to spot to engage with other dedicated traders. You can ask questions, post your trading wins, crowdsource trade ideas and get the necessary FEEDBACK and perspective to evolve you trading.

I firmly believe that no student should embark on their trading journey alone. 

With access to the "Safe Wheel" community, you will feel support and encouragement every step of the way.

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BONUS #2 "Options From Day One" Mini-Course

"Ignite Your Options Trading Journey"

The "Options From Day 1" mini-course is the quickest, beginner-friendly way to get started with options (even if you have zero options experience)

Many people needlessly overcomplicate options trading concepts, that's why I want to give you this free bonus training so you can cut through the fluff and demystify the core options trading principles you need to succeed.

After finishing this mini-course, you can avoid paying 99% of the option instructors out there. Those instructors will not teach you anything about options you cannot learn in this mini-course.

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Now the natural question should be:

“Why am I now turning around and selling a course?”

After all... if I make money with my trading systems... why would I need to sell courses.

My goal is to add value and ensure that you’re successful regardless if you decide to learn with me or not. 

If I can help save you time, money, and effort by avoiding scams, then I’ve done my job.

That said, I don’t believe selling education is an inherently bad thing so long as it fulfills the promise it makes. 

That’s why I am fully transparent and share the good, bad, and ugly of my trading systems. 

If you are not satisfied with that responses I’ve listed out my reasons for selling above. 

If you’ve made it this far down this page, it means you’re thorough.

I respect that. 

I believe you always need a healthy level of skepticism before you invest in anything - especially when it comes to trading.

So on the rest of this page, I'll do my best to answer any outstanding questions you might have. 

I'll give you a little background on who I am, my trading journey, why I began teaching people how to trade, and why I created the Safe Wheel Strategy™.

I respect your intelligence so rather than inundated you with slick, overhyped marketing copy... 

I'd rather lay out as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision. 

It is going to include a lot of trading/options jargon. If you’re not familiar with some of these terms, be prepared to be a bit bored but I will do my best to simplify everything. 

But first, let's start with an introduction :-)

I'm Karl, and I've been trading options for the past 29 years 

Still Have Some Questions?

My name is Karl Domm. I live in beautiful Clovis, CA with my beautiful wife and kids. 

I’ve been mastering the art of online stock and options trading for 29 years and I figured out how to make a living trading options.

I pride myself as the only PROVEN consistently profitable options instructor on YouTube where I’ve shared my daily account P&L since 2019.

After working my way up the corporate ladder and putting away my savings, l always felt my money should be put to better and more productive use.

That's when I started looking into all kinds of franchise opportunities and other businesses to invest in but they all had one drawback: 

The financial investment was large but so was the investment of time… 

...something I really didn’t have as a father of four.

That’s when I stumbled across trading stock and options as a vehicle to produce passive income for my future. 

When done correctly, the income potential from trading is sky-high and you don't have to worry about overhead, employees, etc. 

I knew trading was the key to financial and time freedom.

So I was determined to learn everything possible so I could retire early and spend time with my family and loved ones.

The Beginning Of My Trading Career...

For the first part of my trading career, I tried pretty much every trading strategy under the sun with little to no success.

Day trading, penny stocks, FOREX, buy and hold... you name it.

It was during this time, I learned that a vast majority of trading strategies simply don't work... 

I also learned how difficult it was to invest only in stocks. 

Investing in stocks is a direction play. I found it impossible to pick a stock’s direction on a short-term basis.

That’s when I turned my attention solely to trading options.

As I focused more on options, I began to realize that you can be profitable in options without picking an underlying direction of the stock. 

It doesn’t matter if the market is going up or going down you can still make money.

In other words, you could be non-directional AND beat the stock market.

This was a huge insight but a glaring problem arose.

Most of the option trading strategies peddled on the internet by so-called “gurus” are either: 

1) ineffective over the long term or... 

2) downright scams. 

That’s when I realized I had to create my own trading systems.

(Side Note: If you know any trading systems taught by instructors who share their real p&l, send me an email and I'd love to check out their programs)

It Wasn't Always Easy...

My First Trading "Breakthrough"

My first breakthrough came when I started to treat trading as a business and got serious about creating and backtesting my own option trading models. 

Since I couldn’t find any viable strategies online... 

I developed and tested 198 of my own different trading models. 

I immediately dismissed most of them because they couldn’t stand up to back-testing. 

This led to 17 models that were promising enough to forward-test (trading using my own money). 

Of those 17 models, eight were successful but I still wasn’t satisfied. 

l took these eight models and tore them apart. 

I turned them inside out and flipped them upside down, looking for any flaws in their design. 

Finally, after years of testing and disregarding 190 trading models... 

I've developed the remaining eight models into legitimate money-making proprietary trading systems - the Safe Wheel Strategy™ being one of them.

My "Real P&L" YouTube Channel

As you can probably sense by now, my road to success with trading options was not only time-consuming but also very frustrating. 

I didn’t have a family member, friend or traditional "mentor" to show me the ropes. 

Worse, an overwhelming majority of the courses I took were useless.

They were taught by an untrustworthy instructor that failed to show their P&L - because they were in fact unprofitable.

So because I wanted to help aspiring options traders avoid the trials and tribulations that I went through... 

I began documenting to document my experiences on YouTube. 

My idea was to bring transparency to the forefront of the “trading education” industry and give aspiring and experienced traders alike a shortcut to trading success. 

That’s why I continue to share the P&L of all of my accounts each and every week on YouTube. 

I do this not only to prove my systems work but also to inspire the “real trading educators” to follow suit. 

Again, your success is my #1 priority.

Becoming The Anti-Trading Guru: My Interview With The Internet's Biggest "Scam Detector"

My YouTube channel began to gain some traction...

I believe this is due to the that there were so many traders who were tired of being "beaten down" and duped by the shady trading educators out there...

And I don't blame them...

That's why, at the request of my YouTube followers, I began to go through popular online trading courses, reviewing them and recording my findings. 

I quickly realized that the only way to prove if an instructor is credible is if they show their full account profit and loss - including account volatility. 

This made me very unpopular among the “inner circle” of so-called trading “gurus” as they began to spam my YouTube channel and even threaten to sue me, crazy right?

However, my course reviews were extremely well received.  I continue to receive countless emails from folks who thank me for helping them avoid the “dubious” trading course out there.

Because of the reception, I was even interviewed by the well-known YouTuber “Coffeezilla” which was a great honor. 

Coffeezilla (real name Stephen) is a journalist who is known primarily for exposing online scams. 

Why I Began Teaching Others To Trade

For new, experienced, and aspiring traders

Get The Proprietary Safe Wheel Trading Strategy That's Actually Proven To Beat The Market 

Discover A Safe & Easy Method That Anyone Can Use To Generate Consistent, 'Market-Beating' Returns In Just 15 Minutes A Week…Taught By A Transparent, 29-Year Trading Veteran Who Actually Shares His Account P&L (To Prove His Strategies Work) 

Karl Domm

29 Year Options Trading Veteran

Real P&L Trader

In-Depth Trading Lessons: Quickly learn to trade the market-beating Safe Wheel Strategy with confidence & ease

Safe Wheel Learning Portal: Lifetime access to your own private member's portal where you can quickly & easily review the material 

Weekly Safe Wheel Trade Alerts: Get the precise Safe Wheel trades I take each week (with my own money) sent directly to your inbox

Weekly Q&A + Live Trading Clinics: Watch me trade live each week, ask your trading questions and continue to sharpen your skills.

The Safe Wheel Trading Community: Surround yourself with other dedicated traders. Share ideas and get feedback on all your questions

"Options From Day 1" Mini-Course: The quickest, beginner-friendly way to get started with options (even if you have zero experience)

Protected By The  “My Trading Gets Better Or It’s FREE” Guarantee 



The Safe Wheel Trading Masterclass

4.92 / 5 based on 241 reviews


1. Proven "Market Beating" Profitability With Verifiable Returns: The Safe Wheel Strategy has been rigorously backtested and more importantly forward-tested (aka traded with real money) and it's proven to outperform the S&P 500. 

 9 More Reasons Why The Safe Wheel Strategy™ Is The Easiest And Safest Way To Start Trading Options Profitably...

2. Low Drawdowns & Risk: As Warren Buffett says: "The first rule of investment is don't lose money. And the second rule of investing is don't forget the first rule." 

Risk-Adjusted Returns and maximum drawdowns are crucial metrics that most investors ignore. After all, it takes a 100% return to compensate for a 50% drawdown.

The Safe Wheel Strategy has had a maximum drawdown of just -7.94%% making it an extremely safe strategy.

4. Easy To Implement & Execute: Unlike many trading strategies,  the Safe Wheel does NOT require any special software, price charts, or risk graphs making it accessible to traders of all levels of expertise. 

3. Extremely Minimal Time Commitment: No trader wants another full-time job looking at their computer all day. You can trade the Safe Wheel in less than 15 minutes a week with your smartphone

6. It's Hedged: What's your plan if the market crashes? There's a price for a good night's sleep. I consider the Safe Wheel a "sleep easy at night" strategy because it's hedged. If the market crashes, you can sleep easy knowing your portfolio is protected. 

7. It Objective & Rules-Based: All trading decisions are based on clear, black-and-white objective rules, removing subjectivity and emotions from the equation. If you can follow the GPS on your phone, you can make the appropriate trading decisions.

5. The Safe Wheel Is Non-Directional: The #1 secret to long-term trading profitability is making money in ALL market environments. 99% of trading strategies are directional. This means you have to be able to accurately predict the future and the direction of prices in order to consistently make money.  I don't have a crystal ball and that's why the Safe Wheel Strategy is a non-directional strategy meaning it works in bull, bear, or sideways markets.   

8. No Complicated Options Strategies Needed: Vega, Gamma, Delta, Butterflies, Iron Condors, Strangles, Straddles? You don't need to know any of these complex options terms or strategies to trade the Safe Wheel making it perfect for both beginner and experienced traders.

9.  You Only Trade One Stock: Don't have time to catch the "latest and greatest" stock tip? Don't worry...

There's absolutely no need to watch the talking heads on CNBC or the teenager on Reddit for the "latest" hot meme stock. And you can forget about all the time and effort required for technical and fundamental analysis because that's not needed either.

You only need to trade one stock at a time to execute the safe wheel.

Here is a harsh statement that has already made me VERY unpopular among other trading educators:

Where Most Trading Strategies and Education Programs Fall Short

“I truly believe that a majority of the so-called trading “gurus” online are overhyped grifters, shysters and “snake oil” salesmen meant to hustle you out of your time and hard-earned money.”

Not only do these so-called "gurus" cost you time and money with the investment in their garbage courses BUT it's possible to LOSE EVEN MORE money by following the DOWNRIGHT dangerous trading strategies they propose.

If you've ever taken an online trading course, I'm fairly certain that you're frustrated and you've maybe even lost money following these instructors.

How can I make such a scathing statement?

I've been trading options for over 29 years. Since early 2019, I’ve recorded dozens of videos on my YouTube channel where I actually purchase the trading courses that my followers want me to review.

I do this in an attempt to:​

1) Improve my own trading and... 

2) Protect unsuspecting consumers from the many “dubious” trading instructors out there.​

Each time, I've asked these instructors to share their P&L but they don't because (drum roll) they actually lose money trading.

(Side Note: it completely why anyone baffles me that people trust a trading educator who fails to show their real P&L)

Sure there are a few “good guys” out there with good intentions but the fact is the online trading education space is full of smoke and mirrors and...

I’m frustrated with the lies being told!

I want to help the countless individuals who've reached out to me saying how much money they've lost by following "the other guys" and...

I am on a mission to bring transparency to the forefront of this industry. 

Like you, I truly believe options trading is the best passive income vehicle because of the freedom and income potential it provides (zero overhead or employees, ability to trade from anywhere, etc.) but...

It's extremely difficult to know who to trust.

So how do you cut through the hype and choose a trading strategy that actually works? 

And what makes me and this “Safe Wheel Strategy” any different?

That’s for you to decide after reading the rest of this page. 

I implore you to do your own research and I've done my best to lay out all the facts you need on this page. 

That said here are a few criteria that I've found helpful for determining if a trading strategy/program is worth investing in.

And Why The Safe Wheel Strategy™ Is Your Shortcut To Real Trading Success

If you are looking for a reliable, proven, and easy-to-follow method to finally beat the stock market then look no further... 

The Safe Wheel Strategy™ is a proprietary trading system that I developed after over 29 years of trading. 

It has been validated with hundreds of tedious backtests and then traded live with real capital since January 2022.

The Safe Wheel Strategy™ was designed to minimize the risks associated with popular, yet dangerous, options trading strategies while still providing market-beating returns. 

What Is The Safe Wheel Strategy™?

The bottom line is: most trading strategies and programs are a waste of time and money. 

It's entirely possible to try 5 -10 different trading services or courses... and still come up empty. 

It's not your fault and I've been there...

The Safe Wheel Strategy™ is different. 

It's been thoroughly back and forward tested (with real, verified returns) to consistently beat the market - with minimal risk. 

It includes objective, black-and-white rules that work no matter the market condition. 

It’s extremely easy to trade (only 15 minutes a week) and it works for $5,000 accounts just as well as it works for $500,000+ accounts. 

Not only am I giving you the keys to trading success with the Safe Wheel Strategy™ but I am here to support you every step of the way. 

From weekly trade alerts to LIVE trading sessions and Q&A calls, to continually updated video training and supportive member’s community… you will get everything you need to start trading profitably. 

The Only Trading System You'll Ever Need For Consistent, Repeatable Success

Would you trust a trading instructor who doesn’t share their P&L? 

I wouldn’t...

While other so-called "gurus" only show you their winning trades and hide the losers... 

I have nothing to hide and that's why I consistently share screen recordings of my actual live accounts to prove to my followers that I don't manipulate my returns. 

The video above details the verified returns of the Safe Wheel Strategy™ since its inception in January 2022.

I also share the system's real profit and loss...each week on my YouTube channel.

As you can see, the Safe Wheel Strategy™ significantly outperformed the S&P 500 in 2022 but how did it perform in other market types?

After all, you want a strategy that performs in bull, bear and sideways markets, right?

That's why...

Unlike Others, I'll Always Give You My Real, Proven Returns Verified With Screen Recordings

Here's What Other Dedicated Traders Are Saying...

BONUS #1: The Safe Wheel Strategy Flow Chart & Trading Checklist